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What We Do

First, a few words about what we DON’T do: We don’t simply sell you financial products and we don’t believe in a one-solution fits all approach to financial planning. And, we don’t presume to know your needs until you share them with us. 

What we DO is help you develop a clear picture of your financial objectives and work with you to achieve an optimum outcome.

Imagine a 1,000 piece puzzle presented to you in a box. All the pieces are there, arranged neatly in the box. However, the box is blank cardboard and there are no instructions anyplace. Normally, a picture on the box would serve as a guide but not this time. Imagine how you feel as you begin trying to assemble the puzzle without a concept of what the end result should be. Even as you work with the pieces, you cannot measure the progress you may be making toward a complete picture.

That puzzle represents your financial life. The pieces are there but what does the complete picture look like? Our team helps you put a picture on the box – the guide to helping you work toward your goals. We have developed and refined a process to help you work the puzzle of life. As your life and needs evolve so does the process. As goals change the plan adapts. We work with you every step of the way to keep your financial life picture in sharp focus and to help you arrange the puzzle pieces into an orderly result.

We specialize in helping near-retirees transition into retirement.  We help them sort through Medicare options and make selections, optimize how and when to claim Social Security benefits and create spending plans to help their money last throughout their lifetime.  We help people get retired and stay retired.